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Ultimate Fret Saw

Blue Spruce Toolworks is very excited to offer the Ultimate Fret Saw! This is the  saw that raises "fret" or jewelry saw design and performance to a whole new level. It is based upon the coping saw but refined for use with pinless blades. The ultra stiff bonded aircraft aluminum and carbon fiber frame allows for ideal blade tension. The frame's high torsional rigidity provides maximum feedback and control while sawing. Preset the blade tension and lock it into place with a turn of the handle; release maximum tension for storage with a turn of the handle in the opposite direction. Rotating the thumb screw engages a plunger that meshes with detents solidly locking the blade into eight different positions.  You may also use the saw in the un-locked position which allows for unlimited blade rotation while under tension. This is a unique feature of the saw. The ultra smooth action is accomplished using ball bearings and precision machining. The saw accepts many sizes of pinless blades and comes standard with several blades to get you started.  It will also accept heavier duty coping saw blades if they are modified by clipping the ends with the pins..

The saw is available in several frame colors, two hardware finishes and three different woods for the handle.  (Some of the frame colors are special order and may add up to 6 weeks to the lead time) You may customize it just the way you want!  Email or call with any questions.

Configuring your saw:

Step One: Decide on a frame finish and color. We are offering two different types of finishes: Anodized and Ceramic coated. An anodized finish is a chemical etching and dying process which leaves a hard and semi transparent surface that has an exceptionally beautiful jewel tone.  The other finish is a ceramic coating that is widely used in the firearms industry for a tough and durable surface. The colors are more subdued and since it is a thin coating, it slightly softens edges and creates a warmer feel. We are offering a wide variety of colors so you can personalize your saw. Note that different computer monitors may render colors slightly different. The pictures shown with the frame arms against a white background (with the color names) are truest. Note also that the carbon fiber strut rods will always be solid black.

Step Two: Choose the hardware color. Both black and silver are offered.  The silver features clear anodized aluminum cap nuts and natural stainless steel thumbwheels.  The black features black anodized cap nuts and black cerakote thumbwheels.

Step Three, Choose the wood you want for the handle. Keep in mind the color combination of the frame and hardware and how it will look with the color and type of wood for the handle.  The curly maple has been infused with a polymer resin to make it hard and durable.  Also, please note that we cannot export Cocobolo or African Blackwood outside of the United States.  Custom woods can be ordered. Email before hand to arrange specifics.

Finally, submit the order and relax while we craft a saw to your specifications. Your saw may take 2-6 weeks to produce depending upon stock and color/wood combinations. Thank you for the opportunity to make your version of the Ultimate Coping Saw.

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