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Deluxe Mortising Gauge (Shipping March 2023)

Accurate joinery begins with accurate marking.  From the first time you use a mortising or marking gauge instead of a pencil, that lesson becomes abundantly clear.  Blue Spruce Toolworks new Deluxe Mortising Gauge features a fleet of 1095 tool steel cutting blades and rotating radius bars.  The combination of function and practicality addresses marking needs, unlike any other marking gauge on earth.  

The Deluxe Mortising Gauge highlights classic design with modern materials. The four-knife design means you can mark single lines, as well as double for a wide variety of applications from dovetail baselines to mortise-and-tenon joinery to dadoes, grooves, and inlays. The opposing blade bevels on either side of the beam ensure that the bevels always face your waste, setting up your chisel orientation for its final bits of oh-so-satisfying chopping.

Beyond the beams and into the body, the solid stainless steel radius bars ensure your marking needs remain a priority when your project takes a turn—quite literally. With the simple twist of a small flat-blade screwdriver, the radius bars rotate out, giving you a dual point of contact to reference on your workpiece. The Deluxe Mortising Gauge effortlessly follows curves, defining perfect borders for inlays, and the bars tuck right back into the body when you’re ready to return to a straight surface.

The most common mortising and marking gauges in the world are tarnished by poorly-fitting parts. Blue Spruce Toolworks precision-machines the sliding beams and bodies of the Deluxe Mortising Gauge from aircraft-grade aluminum, ensuring a tight fit that is rigid enough to last generations. The locking knob and radius bars are turned from solid stainless steel. 1095 tool steel blades slice through wood fibers, leaving behind a crisp, repeatable reference line.  

Like most Blue Spruce designs, you have the option to customize your Deluxe Mortising Gauge in any of our three classic anodized colors.  If you’re ready to take your joinery to a level you haven’t yet known, let us build your own Deluxe Mortising Gauge with the same care and attention you’ve come to expect since 2005. 

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