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Every step you make in building a piece of furniture demands an accurate square -- from preparing the stock, to laying out joinery, to final assembly. Today’s craftsman has hundreds, if not thousands, of squares to choose from. Unfortunately, most are designed for mass production, not outstanding performance. But then there are the finely crafted squares built by Blue Spruce Toolworks. Each heirloom quality square is a meticulous assembly of perfectly mating parts that are unmatched for beauty and performance. 

Blue Spruce Toolworks Squares feature heat-treated stainless-steel blades, precisely machined bodies, precision turned hubs and handsome inlays. They are a joy to hold as well as proven performers. Each square is carefully calibrated before it leaves the shop, but if something happens, re-calibration couldn’t be easier. Two set-screws control the alignment of the blade to the body…just dial it in. 

There are two sizes available, a 4-inch beam with a 6-inch blade and a 2-inch beam with a 3-inch blade. Once you choose the size you want, you can customize the look of your square by personally selecting between two blade finishes, five body colors and Curly Maple, African Blackwood or Cocobolo for the infill.

Before you select the Black Ceramic finish on the blade, please be aware that the finish will scuff over time developing a nice patina of wear. 

Please note that due to current CITES regulations we are unable to ship African Blackwood, Cocobolo and other Rosewoods or dalbergia outside of the USA. Please do not order these options if your final shipping destination is not in the USA. Thank you for your understanding.

Note that we make your products to order and lead times can be 4 to 6 weeks. We will make every effort to get your items to you as soon as possible.

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