Limited Run Tools

Limited Run 16oz Lignum Vitae Round Mallet

Blue Spruce Round Mallets showcase a stunning resin-infused Figured Maple head and a solid steel core. The combination brings a serious boom without compromising size or beauty. Now, we’re making a very special run of these exquisite mallets featuring a special guest…Argentine Lignum Vitae handles.  Known for its unmatched density, Lignum Vitae displays a gorgeous range of colors and unique figure.  Unfortunately, slow growth and overharvesting continue to rob us of steady access to this wood.  

Lignum Vitae varies greatly, with streaks ranging from deep greens to light browns. The figure shimmers in the daylight with interlocking grain. The beauty of Lignum matches its level of durability, standing on the same plane as our stabilized maple. A polished brass transition seamlessly separates the ribboned grain patterns. For the purposes of pounding wood, there’s truly no better formula.

The limited run 16-ounce Lignum Vitae Round Mallet could be a once in a lifetime opportunity to own something crafted from this exclusive and dwindling species. Supply of Lignum Vitae remains very scarce, and access to it continues to be murky. Don’t miss this chance to own one of these stunning tools.  We apologize, but we are prohibited from shipping the Lignum Vitae mallet outside of the United States.  Order your Blue Spruce Toolworks Round Mallet today!  Wood is a natural product and colors may vary.  Small surface checks in the handle are not considered a defect and do not in any way effect the performance of the mallet.