Limited Run Tools

Hand-Forged and Damascus Shop Knives

Blue Spruce Toolworks and our knife making partners have teamed up again to design and forge a very handy general-purpose shop knife. Sleek, strong, comfortable and razor-sharp, the Blue Spruce Toolworks Shop Knives are the perfect sidekicks while you’re woodworking. 

We based the design on a traditional single-bevel, straight-edged Japanese kiridashi. This makes it ideal for use as a marking knife and to reach into intricate joints and clean out areas that would be difficult to reach with a chisel. But, it’s also just as handy when all you need to do is cut open a box. 

We shaped the handle to fit your palm comfortably without needing scales that would make it bulky. Once everyone was happy with the shape, we decided to forge the knife in two different steels. The Hand-Forged Shop Knife shows a unique pattern of forging blows in the 1095 tool steel. Or, step up to the Damascus Steel Shop Knife. The intricate grain pattern in the blade reflects the hours of work put into folding the steel. It seems perfectly at home next to beautifully grained wood in your shop.  

Each knife is forged by skilled blacksmiths at Sugarcreek Forge, in the heart of Ohio’s Amish country. We’re offering both the Hand Forged and Damascus Shop Knives in both right- and left-handed versions. All knives include a leather sheath with belt loop. 

In this Limited Run production, we will build the knives to order. Your knife will arrive honed to perfection and ready for work. Don’t miss this opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind hand tool that looks as good as it works. Order your Blue Spruce Toolworks Hand-Forged or Damascus Steel Shop Knife today.

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