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Hand-Forged Marking Knife

Our “Made to Order” production of the Hand-Forged Marking Knife last summer was a huge success. Unfortunately, we had thousands of requests that were too late. However, we did place an order for a small batch to be produced for us before the holiday season, and they’re ready now. 

Nothing takes a better edge than high-carbon steel, forged into shape at the anvil with hammer, tongs, fire and the craftsmanship of a skilled blacksmith. Here’s your chance to own a one-of-a-kind handcrafted Blue Spruce Toolworks Hand-Forged Marking Knife, forged by skilled artisans working in the heart of Ohio’s Amish country.

The purpose of a marking knife is to strike a physical line on your stock that’s a fraction of the width of a pencil line. That physical line guides saws and chisels for more accurate joinery. The sharper the edge, the cleaner the line. For over a thousand years and in cultures spread across the world, furniture makers have favored a marking knife with one flat and one beveled face. The single bevel design steers the blade toward the straightedge, keeping the cut right on track.  

Blue Spruce Toolworks Hand-Forged Marking Knife has a spearpoint shape. The spearpoint allows you to mark with the guide on the right or left. You’ll love this when you’re marking dovetail pins. You won’t need to keep track of two knives and remember which one you need for which side. Just roll the knife in your hand to switch from right-handed to left-handed guidance. 

The generous thickness of the blade makes it suitable for many other shop tasks beyond marking. With the blade ground at a 25° bevel angle, like a chisel, it works beautifully for delicate paring cuts in dovetails, mortises, tenons and rabbets. The tough 1095 high-carbon tool steel blade, hardened to Rockwell 60c, takes a surgically sharp edge and holds it through demanding use…like cutting exotic veneers or harness leather. 

The handle area has a hammered finish that gives you a comfortable, secure grip. While each knife has the same general appearance, no two knives are exactly alike.  Your knife will arrive with the back perfectly flat and the bevels sharpened and ready for use. Each knife comes with a stitched leather tip-sheath to protect the edge and the user. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to own one of these unique Hand-Forged Marking Knives. We have a very limited number of knives available for immediate shipment. First come, first served, and when they’re gone, they’re gone. Don’t miss out…order yours today!

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