Limited Run

Limited-Edition Bocote Classic Marking Knife

Your hand-cut joinery will take a huge leap forward when you stop marking with a pencil and start marking with a single bevel marking knife. A pencil line gives you nothing but a target. A marking knife gives you a physical impression in the wood which guides your saw or chisel. Our Classic Marking Knife features a comfortable contoured handle with .032" blades that hold firmly in the handle by a tool-less collet system. If you’re in the middle of a project and need a fresh edge, you can quickly change blades and do all your sharpening later.  

The spear-point blade design works equally well with the reference on the right or left…just flip the knife over to place the flat side against your square or straight-edge. The bevel steers the blade along the reference for perfect placement of your mark. If you prefer a single-bevel knife, the Bocote Classic Marking Knife comes with both right and left skew blades.

For a limited time, we’re offering our Classic Marking Knife with a Bocote handle. The knife comes with a .032” collet, a .032” spearpoint blade, and two .032” single-bevel blades in both right and left skews. This special offer is available only while supplies last, so order yours before they’re gone!




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