Bevel Block - Shipping April 2023

Angles can be easily set with a physical reference, and there’s no easier, faster, or more precise way to set your angles than with the Blue Spruce Toolworks Bevel Block. Combined with the Sliding Bevel Gauge, the Bevel Block is instantly a joy to use. Rapidly set common angles for 1:6, 1:7, and 1:8 dovetail ratios, as well as miter angles of 15° (12 sides), 22-1/2° (8 sides), 30° (6 sides), 36° (5 sides), and 45° (4 sides). Simple geometry means that the Bevel Block always gives you the angle you need, in addition to its complementary counterpart.  

Using the Bevel Block is as easy as using our Sliding Bevel Gauge. Hold the blade against the desired angle and lock it in place. It ensures a perfect and repeatable angle every time. To achieve the 90° complimentary angle, switch from the right side to the bottom of the block. Any time you need two cuts to total 90°, this is a great method.  

The Bevel Block can be used anywhere your imagination takes it. Bring it to the table saw to set supplementary angles. The 135° face is a prime option for accurately setting your blade to 45° without straining your eyes or back.   

The Blue Spruce Sliding Bevel Gauge is the perfect mate to the Bevel Block. A unique locking mechanism delivers a tight grip against the blade with smooth adjustment and stays neatly out of the way, behind the body of the tool. The Sliding Bevel Gauge is available in both 4-inch and 7-inch sizes, as well as your choice of lustrous finish and beautiful wood inlay. They make a perfect match with the Bevel Block.  *Sliding Bevel Gauge is sold separately. 

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