Blue Spruce Hand-Forged or Damascus Sloyd & Joiner's Knives

In the 1870s there was an educational movement in Sweden that focused on self-reliance and the value of basic skills. The foundation of that program was a simple, straight-bladed knife with a large, easy-to-grip handle. The knife was used extensively in hand-tool woodworking, making kitchen utensils and decorative carving. Throughout Scandinavia the movement has been held in high regard for over 150 years and simple fixed-blade knives have become commonly known by the name of the movement, “Sloyd” (or, if you’re Swedish, “Slojd”), which loosely translates to “Handyman”.   

Blue Spruce Toolworks has taken the original Sloyd knife profile and designed it into a group of hand-forged knives that make perfect shop companions, whether you’re carving, whittling, marking or just cutting boxes open. 

First, there are the Hand-Forged Sloyd Knife and the shorter Hand-Forged Joiner’s Knife. Both have the traditional straight, Sloyd-style blade with just a bit more “point” than the original 1870 design. The Hand-Forged Sloyd is an excellent general purpose shop knife you’ll want to keep right at hand. The Hand-Forged Joiner’s Knife excels as a marking knife and in cleaning up fine details in dovetails and mortise and tenon work. 

Both show traces of the blacksmith’s hammer along the spine and bolster. And, both have gently tapering blades that end in a strong bevel and a razor edge. The handles have been contoured to fit comfortably while carving and whittling. 

Then, there are the stunning Damascus Steel Sloyd Knife and Joiner’s Knife. Following lines similar to the hand-forged set, the Damascus knives are as much of a joy to see as they are to use. Each blade is formed by countless folds of the steel as it is hammered into shape, resulting in the organic swirl patterns that are the most recognizable feature of Damascus steel. The Damascus process creates much more than just a stunning surface finish. The blades are tough, resilient and have excellent edge retention. 

Just to show off a bit more of the amazing pattern, the scales of the Damascus versions are slightly smaller than the tang, revealing an outline around the handle. This creates a surprisingly comfortable and positive grip on the knife. 

All four knives are available in your choice of Infused Figured Maple, Cocobolo or African Blackwood handles. Sorry, but we can only ship Cocobolo and African Blackwood to U.S. addresses. The Infused Figured Maple versions can be shipped worldwide. 

Each knife is forged by skilled blacksmiths at Sugarcreek Forge, in the heart of Ohio’s Amish country. The scales are individually fit to the tang of the knife and contoured to a comfortable grip.  

Whether your passion is carved kitchen utensils, caricatures, chip carving, hand joinery or simply owning beautiful tools, the Blue Spruce Toolworks Hand-Forged and Damascus Sloyd Knives and Joiner’s Knives will earn their place in your shop. In this Limited Run production, we will build the knives to order. Reserve your style and handle species today. Your knife will arrive honed to perfection and ready for work.  Each knife includes a leather sheath to protect both you and the blade.

Don’t miss this opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind hand tool that looks as good as it works. Order your Blue Spruce Toolworks Sloyd or Joiner’s Knife.

Please note that due to current CITES regulations we are unable to ship African Blackwood, Cocobolo and other Rosewoods or dalbergia outside of the USA. Please do not order these options if your final shipping destination is not in the USA. Thank you for your understanding.  

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