Lignum Vitae 13oz Round Mallet


The only commercially available wood denser than the stabilized curly maple used in Blue Spruce Toolworks round mallets is Lignum Vitae. Since the 1600s Lignum Vitae has been cherished for its strength, density and resilience. It’s been used to make everything from ship’s propeller bearings to Merlin’s magic wand. Sadly, over-harvesting and a slow growth-habit have caused Lignum Vitae to become quite scarce and its trade is carefully controlled. Blue Spruce Toolworks has obtained a very limited quantity of sustainably harvested Lignum Vitae and is using it to make the next tool in our Limited Run series, the 13-ounce Lignum Vitae Round Mallet.    

Using the same steel core construction found in our infused curly maple mallets, these Lignum Vitae mallets can pack a serious punch or be used for the most delicate cuts.  

The balance of the tool is unmatched and the interlocking grain pattern dances in shades of green and brown. These mallets belong in a display case, but can take anything you throw at them in your shop (within reason…they’re not meant to strike metal). 

The Limited Run Lignum Vitae Round Mallet is only available in the 13-ounce size (nominal weight) with a polished brass ferrule between the head and the handle. Quantities are limited by the material we were able to obtain. We don’t know if or when more legally harvested stock will be available. Don’t miss this opportunity to own a stunning tool made from the densest wood harvested anywhere in the world. Sorry, but we are prohibited from shipping the Lignum Vitae mallets outside the United States. Order your Blue Spruce Toolworks Lignum Vitae Round Mallet today. LIMITED QUANTITY. Sorry, no backorders.

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