Limited-Edition 13oz Sweetheart Round Mallet

Celebrate your passion for woodworking and your love of hand tools with this special limited-edition 13oz “Sweetheart” Round Mallet, featuring a permanently dyed, resin-infused Curly Maple handle. It’s the perfect partner for any chisel work. No matter how demanding or how delicate the cut, this mallet will always be by your side. If you have yet to own a Blue Spruce mallet, consider this your Cupid’s arrow—you’re bound to fall in love with its beauty and performance.

Both the Curly Maple mallet head and handle are infused with a tough polymer resin that increases the density of the maple by 80%, putting much more “smack” into less space than simple wooden headed mallets. In addition to concentrating power, the resin protects the wood fibers from compression. And for this special edition mallet, the handle has been permanently dyed through the surface of the wood with a lovely reddish-pink color. All in all, this beautiful tool will still look beautiful after chopping hundreds of dovetails and mortises.

The head and the handle are married together with a machined steel rod that extends deep into both sections. The joining shaft is epoxied in place, adding mass and rigidity to the mallet. It’s just like true love—you can’t see it, but you’ll definitely feel it. 

Blue Spruce Round Mallets typically start at $109.99, but for this limited-time offer, you can order your Blue Spruce Sweetheart Mallet for just $79.99. It’s a true sweetheart of a deal that will make the perfect gift for your own sweetheart or a great addition to your most beloved collection. 

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