Sjobergs Elite Workbench 2000 + SM04 Cabinet & Accessory Kit

For nearly a century, woodworkers throughout Europe and the United States have relied on Sjöbergs of Sweden for top quality workbenches. But, Sjöbergs hasn’t built their reputation on being old, they’ve built it on innovation and attention to detail. The Elite 2000 workbench delivers all the history and evolution of Sjöbergs in a versatile package that adapts to the needs of serious woodworkers everywhere.

The Elite 2000 starts with a European Beech top 3-5/16" thick throughout and reinforced to 4-5/16" around the perimeter. The benchtop measures a generous 23-5/8" wide and just under 6 feet long….think aircraft carrier. The tail vise is the full width of the bench with two dogs, not the more traditional one. The bench top has dog holes the full length, as you would expect, but what’s different is that the front vise also has dog holes and mating holes across the top. Speaking of the front vise, it’s a massive 29" wide and can be mounted on either side of the bench so you can adapt it to any workspace. To use all those dog holes, the bench includes four heavy-duty, spring-tensioned steel dogs. Sjöbergs has also developed a clever optional holdfast with a non-marring nylon pad. Drop it in any dog hole on the bench and you can lock anything down to the bench in seconds. The legs are drilled with dog holes, too, allowing you to use the holdfast to get a grip on oversized projects like doors.

Available now is the Elite Workbench 2000, the SM04 Cabinet with 6 drawers and 2 doors, or a special package that includes the Elite 2000 Workbench, SM04 Cabinet, and an accessory kit. The accessory kit includes the holdfast mentioned above, cork liners for the vises and a steel anvil that locks into a dog hole to give you a place to beat something into submission without damaging your bench. 

Now through April 9th, 2023, you can save $200 on just the Elite 2000 Workbench, or you can choose the Elite 2000 Workbench with the SM04 Cabinet and Accessory Kit and save $625. Free shipping is included with each purchase.

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