0001 - Slimline Marking Knife Special, Ultra-Thin blade

If you like to cut thin-pin dovetails or would like to learn how, this marking knife may be just what you need! I made a special run of fixed blade knives with an ultra thin. .020 thick blade.  This is the same blade offered in our replaceable blade Marking System but in a newly designed, fixed handle. It is perfect for sliding into single-kerf saw cuts used for small dovetails. The custom, slimline handle fits beautifully in the hand and is designed for delicate work.  The curly maple handle has been infused with acrylic resin and finished with a hand wiped oil finish. It is then buffed and waxed with a hard carnauba wax for protection.

Though this marking knife can be used for any marking task, the blade is somewhat flexible and takes a little more care when used for general marking. It is suggested to dedicate this specialty knife to marking delicate dovetails and other precise needs.

Enjoy this special knife from Blue Spruce Toolworks.....for your finest work!


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