Blue Spruce Toolworks proudly announces our new line of saws, perfectly blending the best traditions of the past with the latest in manufacturing technology. With precision ground teeth, precisely milled spines and resin-infused handles, Blue Spruce saws are like no others on the market. We're launching the Blue Spruce Toolworks saw line with 4 backsaws; carcass, dovetail and two classic gent's saws. Let's take a closer look at the features that set Blue Spruce saws above the rest. 

Geometrically Perfect Tooth-Line Combining 21st century CNC grinding technology with Cubic Boron Nitride grinding wheels virtually eliminates the inconsistencies of the traditional punching and filing process. The tooth/gullet geometry is simply flawless, even when viewed under a microscope. 

Premium Swedish Spring Steel Blades That geometrically perfect tooth-line Is cut into a spring steel blade that has been painstakingly cut and flattened. We carefully match the blade thickness to the job at hand so your saw glides through the wood just as you expect. 

Milled Steel Spines Most saws on the market use folded spines made from either steel or brass. We wanted a more precise fit between the blade and the spine. We achieved that by carefully flattening a steel spine then milling the slot to the perfect "press-fit" dimension for the blade thickness. This new approach ensures the spine is dead-straight and the slot is perfectly uniform in dimension, eliminating any chance of tension problems. The blades fit so perfectly in the spine that no adhesive is needed, which means the spine separates from the blade should maintenance ever become necessary. 

Resin-Infused Handles We didn’t stop with a better blade and a better spine, we also improved the handle by infusing the stunning hardwoods we use with a proprietary resin. The infusion process strengthens and stabilizes the handle significantly without sacrificing the warm touch of natural wood. It will look, feel and work flawlessly for generations, without ever imparting stresses into the saw blade caused by temperature and humidity changes.  

Adding traditional saws to the Blue Spruce Toolworks family feels as natural as autumn following summer. Upon hearing the expansion news, a few industry insiders asked what took us so long. The simple answer is it took us a while to find just the right saw maker. When we found Jared Greene and convinced him to join our team, the work really began. Blending Jared's passion for tradition with Blue Spruce's focus on state-of-the art technology has resulted in saws unmatched at any time in the history of manufactured saws. We look forward to the ongoing development of the range.

Blue Spruce Toolworks stands solidly behind every tool we make, including our new saws. If your saw ever fails to live up to your expectations, send it back. We'll fix it, replace it or refund your money.