Blue Spruce Toolworks chisels are some of the finest available. We have several styles to match the scale and type of work you need to do.  Bench chisels are considered the most universal chisel and can accomplish most woodworking tasks. Dovetail chisels are lighter weight versions of bench chisels and excel in smaller scale, finer, more detailed work. Paring chisels have longer, thin blades, are primarily used with only hand pressure, and are used for the fine fitting of joinery.  Our Butt chisels work very well as everyday chisels when you like to work up close.  They, of course, work very nicely for defining and cleaning out mortises for butt hinges. We also have a number of specialty chisels such as Fishtail and skews for cleaning out acute corners  and detail chisels for doing inlay work and marquetry.  All of our chisels are available with many handle styles and options for wood and hardware finishes.