12-inch Gent’s Saws

The 12-inch Blue Spruce Gent’s Saw features a 14 ppi hybrid tooth pattern adept at both cross cuts and rips. Combining state-of-the-art CNC grinding equipment with Cubic Boron Nitride grinding wheels, Blue Spruce produces a flawless toothline that will undoubtedly exceed your expectations. Supporting that toothline is a spine unlike any other. Our steel spines go through a proprietary process to relieve any stress in the material and flatten them to industry-leading tolerance. This perfectly straight, stable spine allows us to mill the slot for the blade to a precision fit, keeping the blade tension consistent and your cuts right on track. 

The chisel-style handle provides a hand position that many beginners find more intuitive than pistol-grip handles.  But even the most experienced hand tool users will find the Gent’s Saw convenient for certain detail work. Blue Spruce offers your choice of resin-infused figured Maple or Cocobolo for the handle of your Gent’s Saw.  

12-inch Gent’s Saw Features  

  • 14 points per inch
  • 12” (304.8mm) cutting length
  • 1-3/4” (44.45mm) depth of cut
  • .016 (.40mm) blade thickness
  • .003” (.050mm) set
  • Overall length, including handle 17-5/8” (447.6mm) x 2-3/8” (60.3mm)
  • Resin-infused Figured Maple or Cocobolo handle 
  • CNC-Perfected Hybrid Tooth Profile
  • Made in USA

All Blue Spruce Toolworks Backsaws Feature

  • Geometrically perfect Tooth-line
  • Premium Swedish Spring Steel Blades
  • Stress-Relieved, Precision Milled Steel Spines

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