Straight & Curved Card Scrapers

If you’ve struggled to sharpen and use traditional, thin card scrapers, you’re going to love Blue Spruce Toolworks new card scrapers. Even if you’re a master with traditional card scrapers, you’re still going to love the unique features they bring to the table.

Blue Spruce card scrapers are nearly twice as thick as most others on the market. The thicker blade won’t flex. Getting a flat, smooth surface requires less technique, less grip strength and less resharpening. Surfaces you’re trying to scrape flat will be flat, not a series of scallops. The ends of the blade blend off into a gentle curve. There are no sharp corners to gouge your project…or your hands.  

The thicker blade accepts burnishing much easier than a thin blade, too. It’s easier to feel when you’re positioned at the correct angle and there’s more to “ride.” Toward that end, we’ve also created a burnisher that’s easier to use, because it has two handles instead of one. With two identical handles, feeling the angle of the burnisher is as simple as steering a bicycle around a gentle curve.

Blue Spruce Card Scrapers come in three shapes; 4" straight, 6" straight and 6" curved. The curved scraper has a 16" radius to blend and smooth your sculptured projects. Each is available individually, or you can buy them as a set. The Card Scrapers will need to be sharpened upon arrival.  The Card Scraper Set includes the 4" straight, 6" straight and 6" curved.


The Blue Spruce Burnisher is sold separately. Click here to learn more and order your custom Burnisher.

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