Card Scrapers & Burnisher

Dual-Handle Burnishers

If you’ve struggled to sharpen your traditional, thin card scrapers, you’re going to love Blue Spruce Toolworks new Card Scraper Burnisher. Even if you’re a master with traditional card scrapers, you’re still going to love Blue Spruce Toolworks new Card Scraper Burnisher for the unique features it brings to the table.   

While developing our new burnisher, we tested nearly one hundred different combinations of tool steels and surface finishes. We finally found one that pulls a consistent, razor-sharp hook on the 1095 tool steel scrapers and does it faster and easier than any other material tested. The subtle texture on the surface pulls a stronger, more consistent hook than mirror-finished burnishers. The dual-handle burnisher is available with your choice of wood for the handle, Beech, Cocobolo, or resin-infused Figured Maple. 

Blue Spruce Card Scrapers are sold separately.

Please note, we cannot ship the Cocobolo handles outside the United States. Please order the Figured Maple if your burnisher will be shipped outside the USA.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping.


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