Blue Spruce Toolworks creates tools that accomplish their purpose flawlessly, while also enhancing the workshop environment with their aesthetic beauty. Each one is a joy to use in the creative process. Every cut, contour and curve created with our tools transports you back to a time when craftspeople worked quietly, skillfully and thoughtfully. We’re confident that you’ll proudly pass these tools down to future generations of woodworkers, just as you will the heirloom projects you create with them. 


Blue Spruce Toolworks began as a part-time project when Dave Jeske designed and produced a simple marking knife specifically designed to address the needs of smaller scale, precision joinery. Over the years the company added products such as bench, dovetail, paring and butt chisels, frame saws, and our award-winning mallets. Dave continues to develop new products for Blue Spruce Toolworks while manufacturing and distribution have moved to Strongsville, Ohio and undergone significant capacity expansion to meet ever-growing demand for our tools. 


Shipments outside the United States: Customers will be responsible for any additional customs, duties, or taxes charged by the destination country. We cannot ship any rosewood species handles (Cocobolo and African Blackwood, for examples) outside the United States. 

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