Backsaw Holster

When it comes to storing saw blades, especially fine-joinery backsaw blades, the best method is to allow the blade to hang naturally. Saw blades are usually quite thin and can be prone to gaining 'memory' for stresses that have been placed on the blade when being stored. Saw tills, while it protects the saw from falling off their bench or just sliding around a drawer and getting beat-up, it doesn’t prevent it from coming out of true. To solve these issues and keep your cherished saw blades protected, we’ve designed a backsaw holster that cradles the spine of the saw, allowing the blade to rest without any enduring any stress whatsoever.     

With the Blue Spruce Backsaw Holster, drawing or sheathing your saw is fast and smooth. The holster can be mounted in a horizontal or vertical position to suit your needs, and no matter where you mount the holster—on a wall, under a shelf, diagonally on a workbench leg, or even underneath your workbench top—you’ll have perfect storage, protection, and rapid-fire access for your saw. 

Constructed fully of steel with a tough, carbide black powder coating, this is one rigid holster that will last you a lifetime. We put its durability to the test by inserting and removing a single backsaw over 3,500 times, and we found no hint of the coating failure and not a scratch on the saw's spine or blade. While the holster is designed around our line of backsaws, we also tested it with a wide range of backsaws, from 150+ years ago to a variety of modern makers’ saws and in all shapes and sizes—they all fit. However, we can only guarantee fit with Blue Spruce Toolworks backsaws.


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