Marking System - Handles

Different projects can demand different marking solutions. Many times, a single bevel spear point blade is best, but sometimes you may need a larger, more rigid blade. Other times may call for a scratch awl to trace around curves. The style of handle you prefer may vary for the task at hand. For example, starting a screw hole with an awl is much easier with a properly designed handle.

To control the blades and awls, you have your choice of two different handle styles. Each shape is designed to give you control of the cut in different situations. The Classic handle (5" long) makes the marking knives feel like a fine fountain pen in your fingers. The Joiner’s handle (3-5/8" long) gives you a more substantial grip. Each handle style is available in your choice of two woods, Resin-Infused Curly Maple and Cocobolo.

Please note that due to current CITES regulations we are unable to ship African Blackwood, Cocobolo and other Rosewoods or dalbergia outside of the USA. Please do not order these options if your final shipping destination is not in the USA. Thank you for your understanding.  

Note that we make your products to order and lead times can be 4-6 weeks. We will make every effort to get your items to you as soon as possible.

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