Extra-Large Card Scrapers

There are endless challenges when it comes to finishing wood. First and foremost is getting the surface smooth. On top of that, grain direction, plane adjustments, and tear-out all present their own obstacles. It’s a daunting enough task on straight-grained, clear lumber—and even trickier on figured wood.

Blue Spruce continues its line of card scrapers with two extra-large scrapers. All feature the same .062” extra-thick profile. Up to twice as thick as other scrapers on the market, these blades resist flexing, resulting in a flat surface free of divots and scallops. That profile means this is all achieved with less technique, less grip strength, and less resharpening.  

The 8” and 10” rectangular options feature the same eased corners as their 4” and 6” siblings. They’re a fantastic option for quick smoothing of bench tops, table tops, and leveling off imperfections in between layers of finish. The soft corners make sure your surface—and your hands—stay well protected.


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