Rectangular Mallet

For centuries, joiner’s have used wooden mallets to strike tool handles and tap assemblies together. Wood-on-wood minimizes damage to whatever is being hit. The problem is, once a mallet head is large enough to deliver an adequate blow, it’s often too big and awkward to fit where you need it. Blue Spruce Toolworks has designed an elegant, traditional looking Rectangular Mallet, but we’ve infused the maple head with a tough polymer resin that increases the density by 80%, putting more “smack” in less space. 

The resin-infused maple not only concentrates the power of your blow, it also keeps the mallet head looking like new through the most demanding work. Even chopping mortises won’t mar the face. To protect your projects during assembly work, we bond harness leather to one of the mallet faces. The leather face is also great when your chisel work needs a lighter touch. The mallet head is both bonded and wedged to the handle, resulting it a satisfying, solid feel to the tool.   

We offer two sizes of the Rectangular Mallet, large and small, approximately 16-ounce and 24-ounce. Due to variations in wood density, weights are nominal. The weights of the mallets can vary by a few ounces.  Weights include the handle.  The head of the 24-ounce mallet (22-24 oz.) is 5" long, 2-5/8" tall and just under 2-1/4" wide…perfect for large mortise and tenon work. It’s mated to our 9-1/2" dual-grip handle. The chamfers on the handle soften the edges and deliver positive orientation feedback. When power is needed, slide your hand to the end. When finesse is required, slide your grip up to the enlarged section in the middle.

The 16-ounce Rectangular Mallet is ideal for dovetailing, furniture assembly and smaller mortising. The head is 4" long, 2-1/4" tall and 2" wide, and mated to a sleeker 8" handle.  Weight is 14-16 oz. including handle.

Mallet heads are made in Resin-Infused Curly Maple.

Let us build you exactly the Rectangular Mallet you want. We promise to give it the same care and attention to detail we’ve put into every tool we’ve built since 2005.

With our new Rectangular Mallet Rack-It, you can show off your beautiful tool and keep it close and handy. Made of tough, powder-coated steel, it will last you a lifetime. Mounting screws included.  Click here to order the Rectangular Mallet Rack-It. 

Note that we make your products to order and lead times can be 4-6 weeks. We will make every effort to get your items to you as soon as possible.

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