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If you aren’t quite ready for SketchUp or some other drawing software (or if you simply prefer to draw your plans out by hand), Blue Spruce Shop Notepads are superior quality graph pads that will allow you to get your ideas out on paper with precision and ease. With measurements on all four sides of the page, you can lay out your work both vertically and horizontally. The handy dot matrix grid is laid out using 1/4" spaced squares with a dot every 1/16". You can hone in on the details, layout a new joint, or visualize a construction problem—nothing makes the process as easy or as simple. Each 8-1/2" x 11" shop notepad has 50 sheets of 20 lb. bond paper and they come in packs of 3. 

The Blue Spruce 0.9mm Mechanical Pencil isn’t your ordinary pencil. Its superior construction will meet the rigorous demands of the woodshop. The 4mm tip design makes it ideal for use with a range of rules and squares.  The Hi-Polymer HB lead is equivalent to a #2 pencil. Lead refills and replacement erasers are also available.

Shop Notepads, pencils, and pencil refills are sold separately.