Marking System - Blades

  • The Blue Spruce Marking system is a highly flexible and complete Marking Solution to cover all of your marking requirements. The system consists of a handle, a choice of blades, and a collet (blade holder).  The components are interchangeable in seconds to give you the optimum solution for your finest work. Both single and double bevel marking knife and scratch awl blades are available with more options will be available as needed. 

    The .032 inch thick spear point single bevel small marking blade is the most versatile and a favorite of many woodworkers. There is a .020 inch thick (ultra-thin) version available if you like to mark out super-thin pin dovetails. The medium and large .062 inch thick versions of the spear point blade are perfect for large or heavy duty marking.  Our Joiners blade is a perfect style for for those who prefer a double bevel knife blade. It excels with marking along bevels and squares. There are several styles of scratch awls including a thin, 1/8 diameter and three versions of the larger 3/16 awl.  The birdcage option is helpful for forming larger screw holes as the sharp diamond tip will cut the wood fibers leaving a larger hole.  There are also specialty blades offered such as the genuine surgical scalpel blades and two high quality inlay chisel blades.

    There is a custom wallet available that will hold all of your blades and collets as you build your marking system. It is in a separate section.

    ***** Don't forget to also order the appropriate collet as indicated in the blade description! *****

    Note that we make your products to order and lead times can be 2 to 4 weeks. We will make every effort to get your items to you as soon as possible.

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