Optima Chisel Plane

Blue Spruce Toolworks Chisel Plane stirs up flexibility and precision. Specific to mortising, dovetailing, paring, small-scale work, and even more, Optima continues to provide answers to a huge variety of craftsmen. But occasionally, we find ourselves in a tight spot.

The Optima Chisel Plane fills a unique void in our tool collection. It serves as a master of dexterity in the places we can’t. And now, with a few quick twists of a screwdriver, the all-new spearpoint blade reaches spots even the most versatile chisels can’t. Reach for it anytime you need to trim plugs, end-grain, pare away joinery surfaces, clean glue squeeze-out, clean out corners, and more. It thrives in wide-open plywood projects and confined casework. The elevated handle allows the iron to lie flat—a situational advantage over a paring chisel.

The lapped and polished iron serves as the sole of the tool. It perfectly centers every time on the blade screw and a registration pin. The simplicity eliminates the setup associated with tools designed with similar intent. The shallow bevel angle lends itself to easily paring across end-grain fibers. The features found on our chisel blades can be found on the Chisel Plane as well—cryogenically treated A-2 tool steel, expert grinding, an extensive lapping and polishing process, and a hand-honed cutting edge.

The rigid aluminum architecture of the body links the iron and a resin-infused Maple tote. Take your pick between anodized Black and Blue Spruce Green. The parts combine to create a tool that will look and perform beautifully for generations to come.
African Blackwood is currently not available.

Blades are removable and interchangeable.

Expected to ship in 4-5 weeks.

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