A New Sibling

January 21, 2014

Our family of woodworking mallets is growing. We are excited to announce the newest member, a 16 oz joiner's mallet. This was known internally as La-Petite as the little sister to our recently released, bad-boy 24 oz mallet. Like it's brother, it also features a maple head that has been totally infused with acrylic polymer resin and a hickory handle. The handle is about 8 inches long and has nice, wide flaring chamfers which lend a comfortable and secure grip. The infused head is about 4 inches long and only 2 inches wide. The infusing process yields a very compact, dense head that gives increased visibility to your work and a nice balance. One face of the head is thick leather so you can use it for assembly tasks or when you want a softer, more controlled tap. This size mallet works very well for most all of your joinery needs, similar to the 16 oz Round mallet.

Family Portrait

Why would you chose one over the other? Primarily it is one of personal preference and what you are used to. Also, different tasks may be best performed with a different style or weight of mallet.  I have become very accustomed to using a 13 or 16 oz round mallet for dovetailing and detail work but much prefer a square headed mallet for heavier mortising work. This is just my preference. It is neither right nor wrong. We are pleased that we can now offer a choice. Let us know what you think. link to Blue Spruce Tool Store.

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