A New World Order

August 22, 2014

“Do you ship to Canada?” “Australia?” “England?” “Thailand?” “Greenland?” “Norway?”

We get emails asking to ship internationally every week. I always get a little excited when an email from another country comes in. An amazing part about working for Blue Spruce Toolworks is that I get to converse with people from all over the world on a daily basis. How many people can read an email from Thailand, talk to someone from Canada, and send an order confirmation to Australia all before their lunch break?

Since we have almost 500 international customers so far, we thought it would be fun to keep a map of all of the places to which we have sold Blue Spruce Tools. There are so many customers, we couldn’t fit a pin in for each order. Still, it is fun to see how our tools have spread throughout the world. (We haven’t even started on the United States yet!)

The craft of woodworking is universal. Sure, styles are different in various regions, but the art of the craft is constant. Woodworkers all over the globe are united in their dedication to creating masterpieces of form and function. It is a privilege to be a part of this global community. Our little shop in Sandy, Oregon is the headquarters of an international company! We are honored to be able to supply handcrafted tools to every corner of the globe to inspire your finest work. Whether you are just beginning woodworking as a hobby or are continuing as a renowned professional, there are others like you all over the world. That thought makes the world seem just a little bit smaller.

So, in answer to many of your questions: Yes! We are happy to ship our tools anywhere in the world!

If you are in the UK or surrounding European countries or Australia, we have two great international distributors ready to assist you. They stock tools and can save you a lot of money on shipping. We also have The Best Things on the East Coast of the United States that stocks many of our tools and offers the opportunity to see and feel before you buy.

Classic Hand Tools – Europe

Henry Eckert – Australia

The Best Things – East Coast

We would love to share our tools to help you do what you love. ~Hannah

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