My WIA Update

October 25, 2013

After the annual Woodworking in America show there is always a plethera of reports and this year is no exception. Since there are already many detailed and well-written reports, I will add only a few thoughts. First of all it is a highlight of the year to be able to talk tools and shop with many of our present and future customers. I especially enjoy learning about projects and challenges that are being tackled and how our tools may be able to assist. The show was busy so I did not get the opportunity to even visit many of suppliers of fine tools at the show. I am also envious of those who could attend many of the great presentations. I managed to not spend too much money but I did come home with the new DrawSharp from Peter Galbert and Benchcrafted. This tool is well made and looks to be just what I need to put and keep a razor edge on all two of my draw knives.

(Picture from Benchcrafted website)

I also picked up a very nice Maddox molding plane from a customer. It is amazing to me that you can get a beautifully made tool from about 1775 that is 100% usable. If only it could talk.  I hope some tools from Blue Spruce Toolworks  will be around after 238 years. I will do a future report on tuning and using this fine molding plane. One of the hardest parts of the show was being across from Bad Axe Toolworks and NOT buying yet another saw.  I do not think I can resist much longer; I really "need" a nice tenon saw - or two!

We introduced a new mallet as mentioned in the previous blog and also showed some special, limited edition squares that will be available soon. They are brass bodied with cocobolo infill and will be available in four sizes. I will let you know via this blog when they are ready. (I expect the first week or two of November) Here's is a peek:

We held a raffle for a 5/16 dovetail chisel. Congratulations to Bryan Day!  I hope that the chisel will help you do your finest work! 

By the way, some of the "16th" size dovetail chisels are really useful for smaller pin dovetails in drawers or smaller cases. The 3/16 and 5/16 are my favorite sizes.

I hope to see even more of you at next year's WIA.

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