Starrett Jigsaw Blades - Assorted 5-Pack

Starrett Unified Shank jigsaw blades fit in virtually all jigsaw blade machines, but it pairs perfectly with the Blue Spruce Toolworks Jigsaw Blade Handle. Starrett’s unique Bi-Metal creates a blade with exceptionally strong teeth and averages 25% more tool life when compared with bi-metal blades on the market. The blades incorporate shatterproof design and are unbreakable during normal use.

Blades included:

• BU36: 3'' x 5/16 x .050 x 6T, Bi-Metal
• BU46: 4'' x 3/8 x .050 x 6T, Bi-Metal
• BU38: 3'' x 5/16 x .050 x 8T, Bi-Metal
• BU310T: 3'' x 5/16 x .050 x 10T, Bi-Metal
• BU214S: 2'' x 3/16 x .040 x 14T, Bi-Metal