Your Finest Work 2.0

June 25, 2014

Welcome to the new and improved blog for Blue Spruce Toolworks! This is not Dave. This is his daughter Hannah, home for the summer and happily employed. My job is […]

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A New Light on the Subject

April 24, 2014

When I first started taking pictures of my marking knives almost 10 years ago I realized it would be helpful to have a light box to help take consistently acceptable […]

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One year and counting down!!

April 24, 2014

About this time of year, when my kids were younger, they would make paper chains and hang them on the wall. The number of links in the chain corresponded to the number of days until the highlight of the year, i.e. the start of summer vacation!

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Joyful Blessings

December 24, 2013

My family and I wish you a joy filled Christmas season. I know that not everyone celebrates Christmas but most take advantage of the season to spend time with family and friends, reminisce about days past and look forward to the future.

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My WIA Update

October 25, 2013

After the annual Woodworking in America show there is always a plethera of reports and this year is no exception. Since there are already many detailed and well-written reports, I will add only a few thoughts.

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Hitting the Road

October 13, 2013

Every year about this time I tell myself that next year will be different. Next year I will be all ready. Next year I will be sipping on a beverage the night before, tools and clothes all packed, coffee pot set for 3:30 am and I'll be feeling good.

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Website Updates

October 02, 2013

We are working on a new website and update to our webstore. While making the changes the website may be down for a few hours on and off over the next few days. Please be patient and bear with us. Hopefully the changes will be worth it.

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We Will be There!

September 19, 2013

"How do your chisels compare to others on the market?" "Which handle should I choose?"  "How flexible is the ultra-thin marking knife blade?"  These are just a few of the many questions I get asked over the phone or via email and it is just one reason for you to attend the Woodworking in America Show, October 18-20th in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Days of Summer Sale, Part Two

August 26, 2013

I am pleased to announce the second half of our two part summer sale. We had some great deals and the first part sold out very quickly. We have a few more blemished items and a few special, one-off items to list.

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Dog Days of Summer Sale, Sold Out

August 16, 2013

Thank you for all who participated in part-one of our summer sale. Most of the tools sold-out in about 15 minutes!

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Dog Days of Summer Sale, Part One

August 15, 2013

Blue Spruce Toolworks rarely has sales but Summer is the perfect time for a garage sale. It is hot outside, the mind drifts to the cooler fall woodworking season and the need for some new tools! 

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Meet the Team

July 29, 2013

Blue Spruce Toolworks had its genesis in my garage almost ten years ago as a hobby business. I created it to make specialty tools for joinery and provide some "fun money" to  equip my shop with hand tools, both new and antique.

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