Limited-Edition Father's Day 16oz Round Mallet

For the greatest woodworker you know and the greatest dad in the world, Blue Spruce has brewed up the perfect gift to make Father’s Day truly special this year. Our latest Limited-Edition 16oz Round Mallet was designed with those woodworkin’ dads in mind. It has all of the same award-winning features as any of our round mallets, but what makes this mallet unique is the handy bottle opener built into the top of the mallet head. When dad is chopping out those flawless dovetails and he’s ready to crack open the next cold one, that mallet doesn’t even have to leave his hand. It’s a one-of-a-kind mallet for a one-of-a-kind dad. 

This limited-edition mallet isn’t just any mallet with a bottle-opening gimmick. Blue Spruce Round Mallets are meticulously designed and carefully handcrafted to feel like an extension of your hand, with just the right heft and balance to deliver the exact amount of force needed…finesse and power in perfect combination. The central feature is the curly maple head that is infused with a tough polymer resin, increasing the density of the maple by 80%. The infused head puts more “smack” into less space than simple wooden headed mallets, and in addition to concentrating power, the resin protects the wood fibers from compression.

What you can’t see, but you will definitely feel, is how the head and handle are joined. A machined steel rod extends deep into both sections. The joining shaft is epoxied in place, adding mass and rigidity to the mallet.  

A beauty and a beast, the special-edition Father’s Day Mallet looks as good as it will perform. No matter how many hundreds of dovetails or mortises are chopped and no matter how many hundreds of bottle caps are popped, this mallet will be the last mallet dad ever needs.

The Limited-Edition Father’s Day Mallet is available only while supplies last. Hurry to get yours while you can. Place your order by June 9 to guarantee delivery in time for dad’s big day!